We believe that every website should have a Frequently Asked Questions page and here is ours. Below are 5 of the most popular questions we get asked by our clients with our short answers.

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Not at all. We do have contracts to protect you and our tutors regarding things like the cancellation of lessons with short notice and how we use your data. We do ask you to give the tutor as much notice as possible. But if the sessions aren’t working for you or your circumstances change for whatever reason we are not going to enforce this. 

Yes. Some of our tutors will carry out 45-minute lessons if that works better for your child. We have even at times done 30-minute lessons if the tutor has been in close proximity to the pupils home. Your child is the number one priority and you know best how they work so we are happy to work around this for you. 

All of our tutors are DBS checked as this is a pre-requisite to working with Learn & Bloom. They also have up-to-date safeguarding training too.

Yes, we do. We follow the national curriculum as guidance however with tuition it is often about picking up misconceptions and ironing those out. Or, for some of our pupils, it’s about expanding their thinking and deepening their knowledge and application. Also, for some students, their needs are different and can be fairly specific. Our sessions are always tailored specifically to each pupil.

Bi-weekly lessons can work. Although it can be harder to consolidate things with such a large gap in between sessions. One session a month can also work for a confidence boost; but we would suggest for continuity and ongoing support, weekly lessons tend to yield the best results. 

Our lessons run inline with the school term timetable. If you require lessons in the school holidays this can also be arranged. Also, if you would like a week off for school plays or any other reason, then as long as you give us as much notice as possible, we can accommodate this. 

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