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Thursday 24th August 2023 is a date in most teenagers diary as it’s GCSE results day. Up and down the country, there will be nerves, butterflies, excitement, jubilation and possibly some tears. One of our Tutors, Glynn Hayball, sent us this message which was sent to many of her pupils. We just had to share this with you as we thought it was such a wonderful gesture.

Before you collect your results, I wanted to let you know what a joy it has been to tutor you. In the time I have known you, you have grown in so many ways – you have begun to learn what you want from life; you have learnt the importance of friendship and being a friend; the joy of success and the importance of getting up and continuing after a set back; you have learnt about your relationship with your family – how stress affects the way we deal with each other. Most importantly, you have learnt more about yourself.

GCSEs are important but they grade things that are measurable. This means that they do not grade what makes you, uniquely you. They do not know that you write poetry, paint, draw and bake … they do not know that you spend time with your extended family and have an excellent relationship with your grandparents… they do not know that you participate in martial arts … they do not know that in your young life you’ve faced physical and mental health issues. I wanted to say to you … I know. I know that you’ve tried your best. I know that you’ve worried, and struggled and revised. Thank you for sharing all of this with me. I know that you will continue to be the person whose smile lights up a room; the person who thinks deeply; the person who loves their family and friends; the person whose sense of humour is infectious.

On results day, remember, you are more than a Grade or level.

With very warm wishes, Glynn

Here’s a link to a useful article.

GCSE Results Day: What to expect. 

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