End of Year Reports – The Highs and Lows

Receiving your child’s report at the end of a school year is full of mixed emotions. For some parents, it simply confirms what they already knew, for some their expectation of their child’s ability and progress may be surpassed. For others, it can feel, at times, a little disheartening and confusing.

In a world where we place primary-aged children into three categories…working towards, at the age expected, or working above, it can feel a little brutal to bring an entire year (of primary school education) of learning down to what is essentially a grade point. Something by which naturally we compare to others in their class and year group.

However, to me, a teacher and now a mummy too…this is in fact not the part of the report that should gain the most focus.

The part of a report I, as a teacher, love to write is the part about your child.

What makes them different?
How have they interacted in class this year?

Have they had fun?
Have they made learning for the pupils and teachers just that little more special because they were there?
Do they light up a room with their smile?
Are they kind?

These are the qualities of our beautiful children that matter the most. Being kind, happy, caring, resilient, and funny all are what make us who we are.

The other part of the report that we should always draw attention to is effort. Have they given their all, have they shown real determination, and resilience when things are difficult?

Have they wanted to challenge themselves, in whatever way that may be for them?
Have they enjoyed their learning and been an active participant in the lessons?

These are the most important qualities that set them up for life. 

We only have to look at some of the world’s most successful people. If they had a school report now, most likely many areas would come up as ‘working towards’.

Yet, look what they have achieved. Education is so much more than a grade on a piece of paper. That grade doesn’t even begin to prepare us for the world of work and life and all its wonderful challenges.

In a world of social media and comparison, it is hard not to do this when it comes to your child’s report.

So, read that report, and highlight all those parts that reflect the inspirational and incredible young person you are raising. Take a moment to reflect on you as a parent and quite how amazing it is you have brought them this far and what a unique and marvellous person you are creating.

Instead of looking to the next steps, take that moment to appreciate how far they, and you, have come during one of the hardest few years in the history of education, because of Covid. Be proud and celebrate. Enjoy the moment, and be proud of yourself as a family. Then have the most amazing summer of fun.


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